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Procurement Information
These are the general details of the tender.
Tender #:  P5074 Status:  Posted
Type:  Procurement Sell By:  Each
Bid Currency:  CAD
Categories:  Freight Cars (Gondolas; Flats; Boxcars; Containers etc.)
Shop Equipment (forklifts etc.)
Miscellaneous/Sundries (Parts, Pistons, etc.)
Work Equipment (tie cranes; tampers; undercutters)
Item Information
This is the specific information about the item.
Item:  1 Rail Heater Tug- Unit 5077-06- Winnipeg MB
Quantity:  1 each
Unit No: 5077-06
Make: Kershaw
Model: 35-10
VIN:  35-168-91
Built: 1991


Pictures are for information purposes only and are not intended to represent the condition of the item, 
or its ability to perform.  Inspections are strongly recommended.

Canadian Pacific Railway makes no representations of condition.  Bidders shall be responsible to make their 
own determination on the suitability and operation condition of the equipment before bidding on units.

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5077-06 a.JPG
5077-06 b.JPG
5077-06 c.JPG
Dates and Delivery
These are the key dates related to the tender.
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Open Date:  12/5/2017 Closing Date:  1/19/2018
Available:  Upon Payment Removal Date:  Upon Payment
Payment Date: 
Viewing Info:  Richard Smith at (204)946-3428 Product Location:  Winnipeg MB
FOB:  As Is / Where Is (Locked) Display Comments:  no
Contact Information
This shows the contact information.
Richard Smith at (204)946-3428
Misc Notes
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