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Procurement Information
These are the general details of the tender.
Tender #:  P5109 Status:  Closed
Type:  Procurement Sell By:  Lot
Bid Currency:  CAD
Categories:  Freight Cars (Gondolas; Flats; Boxcars; Containers etc.)
Scrap Rail/Other Track Material
Shop Equipment (forklifts etc.)
Miscellaneous/Sundries (Parts, Pistons, etc.)
Work Equipment (tie cranes; tampers; undercutters)
Item Information
This is the specific information about the item.
Item:  1 Lot of Parts for Pandrol Jackson 950 Tie Crane - Winnipeg MB
Below is a list of essential parts for the Pandrol Jackson 950 Tie Crane.  Spreadsheet of these parts is also attached.

MATERIAL	DESCRIPTION	                                                   OH
11759900	MOTOR,CHAR-LYNN,106-1011,DECK ROTATION 	     2
11773005	GRAPPLE ASSY,JACKSON,4407051,SINGLE TIE 	     3
11485591	COUPLING,JACKSON,1151461,TIE CRANE 	             1
12989731	CHAMBER,ANCHORLOC,912SBY                                1
11741702	BUSHING,JACKSON,TM 4008,AXLE 	                      1
12582544	VALVE,TAMPER,03333010018,HYD 	                      1
12989418	SPROCKET,MARTIN,80B25H,SPLIT,950,80-25TY 	     4
11795010	SPROCKET,JACKSON,231231-1,W/IDLER,80-12T 	      3
12989384	SPROCKET,BROWNING,DS80R21,21TEETH 	               1
12989426	SPROCKET ASSY,JACKSON,330411-1,IDLER,TIE 	       2
11757559	REDUCER ASSY,JACKSON,1554971,GEAR 	               1
12989319	PUMP,REXROTH,031826+131025,TIE CRANE,DBL 	1
12989111	PIN,JACKSON,222802-1,MAIN BOOM 	                        1
12989137	PIN,JACKSON,218648-1	                                        2
012989160  	PIN,JACKSON,218645-1                                    	1
12989095	PIN,JACKSON,117142-1,JIB PIVOT 	                        1
12989061	PIN,JACKSON,115076-1,TIE CRANE 	                        1
11743812	PIN,JACKSON,1150731,HEAD SWIVEL	                        1
12989103	PIN,JACKSON,115070-1,MAIN BOOM 	                         1
11743795	PIN,JACKSON,1124581,IDLER SPROCKET 	                 8
11771755	MOUNT,JACKSON,1716581,ENGINE,TIE CRANE	          2
13297507	MOUNT,DEUTZ,224-3338,ENGINE 	                          1
12989293	SWIVEL,JACKSON,155493-1,5 CIRC,TIE CRANE 	            3
11772995	HEAD ASSY,JACKSON,4311641,MANIFOLD,TIE C              2
12989202	VALVE ASSY,JACKSON,150089-1,TIE CRANE 	           1
12989244	MOTOR,CHAR-LYNN,104-1027,TIE BASKET 	                   1
12989251	CYLINDER,JACKSON,4407101,DOUBLE TIE BASK   	   2
12989277	CYLINDER,JACKSON,4410611,HYD,SECONDARY 	            3
12989285	CYLINDER,JACKSON,3501061,HYD,PRIMARY,950 	             4
12989350	CYLINDER,JACKSON,3501081,SINGLE TIE BASK 	             1
11753388	COUPLER,HECO,16E,SUNGEAR,TIE CRANE 	                     2
13268540	CONE,TIMKEN,567,BEARING 	                                     1
11769510	HOUSING,JACKSON,TM4079,BEARING,AXLE 	             2
11750998	WHEEL,JACKSON,TM3987,AXLE,KEYED	                             2
13268292	CUP,TIMKEN,563,BEARING	                                            12
12989418	SPROCKET,MARTIN,80B25H,SPLIT,950,80-25TY                4
11019430	BOOM,JACKSON,4123421,JIB 	                                     1
11769708	GRAPPLE ASSY,JACKSON,4404601,HEAD 	                      2
11748954	ACCUMULATOR,JACKSON,2002989,1 PINT	                      1
11741710	WASHER,JACKSON,TM 4009,INS                                       2
11761545	GEAR,JACKSON,115274-1,PINION REWORKED 	              1

Pictures are for information purposes only and are not intended to represent the condition of the item, or it's ability to perform.  Inspection is highly recommended.

Canadian Pacific Railway makes no representations of condition.  Bidders shall be responsible to make their 
own determination on the suitability and operation condition of the equipment before bidding on units.
Inspection is highly recommended before bidding on these units. 

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Parts for Pnadrol Jackson 950 Tie Crane - Winnipeg MB.xlsx
Dates and Delivery
These are the key dates related to the tender.
Preview Open :  Preview Close: 
Open Date:  2/6/2018 Closing Date:  2/14/2018
Available:  Upon Payment Removal Date:  Upon Payment
Payment Date:  Upon Award
Viewing Info:  Scott D MacDonald at 204-946-3643 or 204-771-4255 Product Location:  901 Logan Ave Winnipeg MB
FOB:  As Is / Where Is (Locked) Display Comments:  no
Contact Information
This shows the contact information.
Scott D MacDonald at 204-946-3643 or 204-771-4255

Misc Notes
Additional Notes are listed here.
Information provided in this RFQ are for informational purposes only. Canadian Pacific 
Railway makes no representations of condition.  Bidders shall be responsible to make their 
own determination on the suitability and operation condition of the equipment. Inspection 

Terms and Conditions

Note that items indicated in red below will link to supporting documentation.

  • Terms and conditions can be found here

Additional Conditions:

  • Successful bidder will be responsible for removal of the equipment or goods.
  • Inspection will be by appointment only and bidders MUST comply with all safety regulations while on Canadian Pacific Railway Property. US Safety Regulations|CAN Safety Regulations
  • Canadian Pacific Railway will charge storage fees, at its discretion, for thirty days to bidders that do not remove the equipment or goods by the REMOVAL date. After thirty days, Canadian Pacific Railway reserves the right to:
    • Offer the equipment or goods to the next highest bidder without further notice;
    • Initiate legal action with current bidder;
    • Remove bidder from future offerings
  • Successful bidders will be notified. Bids to be valid for a minimum period of 90 days.