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This screen displays a list of tenders, which are either all the open tenders or all tenders matching your search requirements as outlined in the Search Open Tenders.

There are three different types of tender status displayed:

Tender Status:

1)      PREVIEW Items are available for reallocation within the company.  These items will remain on the preview list for five (5) working days after which time they will be offered for sale externally.  If you require an item that is in preview status, please send a message to Asset Disposal (PM00111) advising the tender number, description, and the location it is required for company use. One option to access this email is to click on the red tender number to view the tender details then click on the red text at the top of the screen reading “Asset Disposal” to open an email prepopulated with our email ID.

2)      Posted Items are available for sale on CPR’s website to external bidders.

3)      Eposted Items are CPR items being sold on a website other than CPR’s site and are shown so that you may leverage our subscription functionality.  If interested, you are invited to submit bids on the host website (e.g. – E-Bay) by viewing the tender(click on the red tender number on this screen) and then click on the link in the Detail field.

Search Results – There are two methods to obtain search results

1)      Results will show all currently open tenders if accessed from the Show All Open Tenders link on the Salvage and Procurement Home Page

2)      Results, if any, are all tenders which matched your search criteria as requested through the Search Open Tenders link on the Salvage and Procurement Home Page 

a)      To view Individual Tenders, click on the tender number in the tender column; 

b)      To go to the next page, click on the page no. at the bottom of the list of tenders. 

c)      To refine search criteria, click on New Search button at the bottom of the page