Salvage and Procurement:Help

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This screen allows you to search for an individual tender or search tenders using specific criteria; e.g. all tenders in the “Bulk” category, or “Potash” in the description.

1)       Action

a)       Search Tenders – clicking on this button without entering information in any of the other fields will result in all currently open tenders being shown.   This is the same results as using Search All Open Tenders on the Salvage and Procurement Home Page;

b)       Reset Fields – clicking on this button will clear the information entered in all fields; allowing you to quickly reset the search criteria

2)       Search Parameters – fill in the information below in one or more fields (the more fields completed, the narrower the search results)

a)       Keywords – type in a word or words that are in the description of the item(s) in the tender for which you are searching (e.g. locomotive)

b)       Reserve Price Range – type a numeric price in each of the fields in the reserve price range for which you are searching.   Note prices must not include dollar signs, commas, or spaces.

c)       Location – type in the location for the tender(s) for which you are searching (e.g. Edmonton);

d)       Tender Number – type in the tender number for which you are searching.   (e.g. P56 or S99)

e)       Confirmation # – type in the confirmation number you received when your bid was submitted;

f)         Closing Date – click on the arrow in the boxes beside each field to select a closing date range from the calendars displayed or enter the date value in MM/DD/YYYY format.

g)       Exception # (for Salvage tenders only) – type in the exception number;

3)       Advanced Search Parameters

a)       Type – click on the relevant button to select Salvage, Procurement or Both;

b)       Categories – click on one or more buttons to select the category or categories of the tender(s) for which you are searching;

4)       Terms and Conditions – click on the word here in the sentence “Terms and conditions can be found here”.

5)       Additional Conditions – review the additional conditions, and click on the words safety regulations to view these regulations.

6)       Subscribe – click on the word “here” in subscribe here statement at the bottom of the page to request notification of postings in the category or categories you are interested in.   NOTE:   The notification function is only available for items posted for sale externally.   It is the employees’ responsibility to regularly review the preview list